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Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing

Oct 18, 2019

Mark interviews international bestselling author Mark Dawson about his journey through publishing, his author support business and the ground-breaking publishing deal he just signed.

Prior to the interview, Mark shares some comments left on previous episodes and via Twitter.

He also shares a word about the episode's sponsor Findaway Voices.

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In his personal update, Mark talks about Canadian Thanksgiving, putting up Halloween decorations in the front yard and a new anthology, Cursed Collectibles, edited by Angela Eschler, that he has a story in.


In their conversation, the two Marks talk about:

  • Mark's background as a lawyer prior to becoming a writer, and how he has benefited from the skills he learned there
  • The kick in the pants Mark received back in 1999 that led to his entry into publishing
  • The surprisngly fast way he had found an agent and that agent had found a publisher for his first books
  • The disappointing experience that came with having his print books appear in book shops and the two strikes that led to the end of that part of his writing career
  • How John Milton was inspired by the original Equalizer television show staring Edward Woodward
  • When Mark's indie writing journey began and the approximate 30 books he has published in that way
  • The first time that Mark realized that writing could be a full-time endeavour - when the money he was earning from writing not only matched the money he was making working a full time job, but was more than double that amount for several months in a row
  • The origin of the Self-Publishing Formula courses and podcast
  • The 2020 Self Publishing Conference that will be taking place in London prior to the London Book Fair
  • How Mark is able to continue to write his novels as well as offer support to the writing community via his intimate network
  • The ground-breaking joint-venture print-only deal that Mark recently signed
  • The 3-books a year release plan within this deal
  • The international element of the deal to get the books into stores in multiple countries

After the interview, Mark reflects on the importance of this deal that Mark Dawson just signed and the significance it can have on publishing.


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