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Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing

Jul 1, 2021

Mark interviews Chelle Honiker and Chrishaun Keller Hanna of Indie Author Magazine.

Prior to the interview, Mark shares a brief personal update and a word from this episode's sponsor.

This episode is sponsored by Findaway Voices.

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In their conversion Chelle, Chrishaun, and Mark talk about:

  • Their backgrounds as writers, creatives, geeks, and entrepreneurs
  • Chrishan's "Organzied chaos with style" line and how she has honed and refined her "pitch" over time at cons
  • How writing feels like one dimension of a way that you can tell a story
  • Learning about not being cut out for working FOR other people
  • An aborted attempt at becoming a digital nomad (due to the global covid lockdowns)
  • How an accountability partner/mastermind group led to the origin of Indie Author Magazine
  • The desire to create an unbiased source of trusted information for indie authors
  • The magazine being produced as a monthly digital and a print quarterly
  • How the skill-set for the magazine was based on internal skills, talents, and experience from the team
  • The range of topics and features planned to be covered and updated in each issue
  • The "Indie Annie" column in order to answer questions submitted by readers
  • How authors can get ahold of the magazine online or via the app
  • The way they manage to fit managing this magazine while maintaining their writing commitments
  • And more...


After the interview Mark reflects on the power of priorities, partnership, and collaboration.


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The mission of Indie Author Magazine is to inform, educate, and inspire authors at every stage of their careers.

Our vision is to be the trusted industry leader for reliable resources and information for indie authors by providing unbiased, well-researched, and articulate content in a timely manner, in the most engaging format possible.


The introductory, end, and bumper music for this podcast (“Laser Groove”) was composed and produced by Kevin MacLeod of and is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0