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Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing

Feb 18, 2021

In this episode Mark interviews Judith and Michael Anderle of LMBPN Publishing.

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Prior to the interview, Mark shares a personal update on the forthcoming release of Fear and Longing in Los Angeles and the ongoing work being done on Wide for the Win. He also talks about the benefits of PLR (Public Lending Right) programs.


In their conversation, Judith, Michael, and Mark talk about:

  • How they each got started in the business of publishing
  • Michael's first 90 days of writing and publishing
  • Judith's background in the medical and pharmaceutical industry and how she made Michael create a profit/loss statement for the following year for LMBPN before she decided to step in and run the company
  • How calculating the earnings of $7.50 per book per day led to the idea of the 20Booksto50K methodology, movement, and Facebook Group
  • Judith's inkling for fashion and how that led to the company name LMBPN (London Madrid Barceloni Paris New York - the fashion capitals of the word) and how the complexity of the company name provided a "great, people will talk about it" essence
  • The "Disruptive Imagination" tag line for LMBPN and the multiple pillars represented in the logo itself
  • The generosity of spirit in working with authors directly at LMBPN as well as sharing with the larger author community
  • Some of the international authors and employees of LMBPN who hail from all over the world
  • How Michael and Judith have long operated not only within indie publishing circles, but also traditional publishing venues and international book fairs
  • The recent acquisition of book industry veteran Robin Cutler as President of LMBPN
  • Michael's recent health issues related to hypertension and other conditions
  • The value of knowing yourself, and your nature, as well as understanding your strengths and weaknesses
  • The unofficial "disrupting retirement" behavior of LMBPN
  • How Judith never looks at a negotiation as a one-time business contract, but more about the benefit of the long-term relationship
  • The OPUS-X project and the multi-layers of collaboration for this wide book launch
  • Advice that Michael and Judith would give to the earlier versions of themselves when first getting into this business
  • And more...

After the interview Mark reflects on the ground-breaking changes that LMBPN is ushering in. He also thanks patrons of the podcast.

Links of Interest

LMBPN is the publishing company for the Kurtherian Gambit, Oriceran, Protected by the Damned and other Universes. In addition to Michael Anderle, they have have published in eBook, print, and audio format collaborations with Justin Sloan, Craig Martelle, TS Paul, CM Raymond, and LE Barbant, Paul C. Middleton, Amy Hopkins, Ell Leigh Clarke, PT Hylton, Candy Crum, Martha Carr, Sarah Boyce, A. L. Knorr, Sarah Knoffke, and many others.



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