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Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing

May 3, 2018

In Episode 19, Mark interviews Bruce Outridge, an artist, speaker, podcaster, television host, columnist, consultant and coach. I’m sure I missed a few things Bruce does there, because the man certainly fits a lot into a day.

The podcast features a fifteen minute interview with Bruce as well as a couple of short clips from his Cashing in on Creativity podcast which has a format that is as fun and unique as Bruce himself.

The interview took place at a Hamilton bar called The Ship. So you’ll hear the ambient noise of music and chatter in the background.

The Terrible Tongue Twister is sponsored by Findaway Voices. This one is a longer piece about a "pheasant plucker" not a pleasant fellow . . . 

In their interview, Bruce and Mark discuss:

  • Bruce’s podcast, Cashing in on Creativity and how authors can use it for inspiration and ideas from other creative people and independent artists for their own creative journey
  • The passion that Bruce has for music and why he uses his podcast to feature and spotlight independent musicians
  • Bruce’s natural inclination for being open to opportunity and to saying “yes”
  • The belief, Bruce has, that people need an option
  • The importance of looking beyond one’s own industry for learning, growth and ideas
  • Bruce’s background as a trucker (he has been a driver for more than 25 years), and how that led to writing for the trucking industry, the trucking specific podcast he produces and the speaking he does for that industry
  • The challenge of wearing multiple hats when it comes to branding and how Bruce manages that using blocks of time
  • Bruce’s favorite piece of advice that creative people should attend to

Mark then plays a couple of short clips from two of Bruce's recent podcast episodes that he found inspiring.

After the interviews and clips, Mark shares a reflection about the networking that led him and Bruce to connecting and talks about that element which Bruce started off the interview discussing (and which is mentioned by Ann Brown in an episode of Bruce's own podcast) - being open to opportunity and authentic connections with others.

He shares his own example of connecting with fellow author Julie Strauss and the benefits to writing and personal life that came from a few chance encounters that a friendship grew out of.

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