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Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing

Jun 12, 2020

In this episode, Mark interviews Michael W. Lucas about he books he has written which range range from crime and SF thrillers to arcane tomes on how to build your own Verizon. They also chat quite a bit about Michael's latest book: Cash Flow for Creators.

In the opening of the episode, Mark shares some comments from recent episodes, as well as a word from this episode's sponsor, Findaway Voices.

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Immediately prior to the interview Mark shares a personal update about his recent appearance on the overnight radio program Coast to Coast with George Noory, and all the positive results that came from that.

In their conversation, Michael and Mark talk about:

  • How writing for Michael started when he was about 4 and realized that books were created by human beings and this was something people could grow up to do
  • The evolution of getting to full time writer via rejection notices, selling more and more things, and working on the craft
  • Michael's start in writing writing for table top games
  • The styles of fiction that Michael writes and where his heart is in writing
  • The many "what ifs" that Michael enjoys, such as "What if there were Orcs in 1927 Detroit running booze across the border?"
  • What happened to make leaving the full-time role as a writer possible, which involved a lot of watching
  • Michael's new book for writers called CALL FLOW FOR CREATORS and why it was written out of self-defense
  • The reality that making a living is about cashflow
  • How evening out cashflow helps reduce the highs and lows of the typical cycle of a writer's income
  • The importance of looking at one's lifestyle, where they live, how they want to live, when making decisions regarding the amount of money they need to make, the expenses they are willing to live with, etc
  • The special editions that Michael does of some of his books, made specifically for his readers
  • How, if you can do something special that speaks to your people, how Michael would encourage you to give it a try
  • The way that Michael does his crowd-funding a little differently, using disintermediation, rather than using IndieGoGo or Kickstarter
  • How not only are all of Michael's books published wide everywhere, but that they are all also available for sale direct
  • The sponsorships that Michael does that includes surprises, such as a gift he will send you upon the book's publication
  • And more . . .


After the interview, Mark reflects on a few things that Michael spoke about, including when you know your fans, you can feed them the right things that they value, and how people will support you and they WANT you to succeed - if you treat your readers well.

Mark then shares details about how listeners can win a copy of Michael's book Cashflow for Creators.

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Michael W Lucas has written 30-odd books, ranging from crime and SF thrillers to arcane tomes on how to build your own Verizon. His latest book is "Cash Flow for Creators."


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