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Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing

Nov 2, 2023

Mark interviews author, coach & CEO/Founder of Little Labradoodle Publishing April Cox.

Prior to the interview, Mark shares a brief personal updates and a word about this episode's sponsor, the Authorpreneur Summit 2023.

Transform your passion to profit! Unveil the business behind the book and elevate your business acumen with 35+ industry-leading authorpreneurs at the Authorpreneur Summit.


During their interview Mark and April talk about:

  • April's background as a former IT consulting geek
  • Leaving that corporate world to assist authors with their publishing goals and helping to make their dreams come true
  • How her desire to write a story for her grandkids led to an entirely new and dynamic role and purpose
  • Recognizing how she could make a huge difference being there to help authors who would normally be easy targets for so many of the predatory outfits looking to take advantage of them
  • The origin of Little Labradoodle Publishing which was more of a legacy project
  • How the consultant, programmer, and project manager in April were applied to help authors with navigating the complex world of publishing books for younger readers
  • Why April puts so much free content on sites like her YouTube channel
  • April's 12-week course that takes authors through the process of getting a book ready for publishing
  • The importance of having a network of trusted professionals to work with
  • Wanting to create a summit that focused more on the business side of publishing, which became the Authorpreneur Summit
  • Some of the amazing interviews that have been lined up for this summit which takes place for free Dec 4 through Dec 8, 2023
  • The bonuses April will be releasing for those who sign up for the summit early
  • Advice April would offer to authors who are receiving numerous rejection letters from traditional publishing
  • And more . . .


After the interview Mark reflects on the value when an author combines their passion with filling in a hole within a particular market.


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April Cox is an Author, Coach & CEO/Founder of Little Labradoodle Publishing. She has successfully guided over 1,500 authors from manuscript to a high-quality, self-published book through her 90-day signature program, Self-Publishing Made Simple.

April is a passionate teacher and speaker on publishing topics and has personally launched over 400 books.




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