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Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing

Apr 27, 2023

Mark interviews his partner Liz Anderson about her work as a Principal within education, as the better half of a writer, and also as a fellow procrastinator and creative collaborator.

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During the interview, Mark and Liz talk about:

  • The elements of procrastination that bond the two of them together
  • How Liz has learned to embrace procastination as a way to get the creativity flowing
  • Liz's long-time practice of producing videos and short movies
  • The "Last Minute Productions" Liz makes, leveraging the "L" and "A" of her initials into the branding
  • The "show" (Isolation Station) that Liz started for the staff at her school during the pandemic and how that evolved into "Distance Daily"
  • How these virtual shows allowed the staff to connect in a way that they never had been able to do before
  • Mark's participation in Liz's "Distance Daily" show for a while during the time when she was without a Vice Principal
  • The ongoing daily "Flair Fun" video announcements segment that initiated during the pandemic but continue to this day at Liz's school
  • The value of the particupation from the entire school community in these daily videos that allows for a deeper sense of connection and being seen and heard and part of something bigger
  • The way Liz practices the role of being an elementary school Principal
  • The important revelation during a Grade 8 graduation that was an eye-opening moment for Liz
  • The difference between being an auditory learner and a visual learner
  • What it's like for Liz living with Mark the writer
  • The "spies" Liz has watching for Mark to not engage in particular activities on social media
  • How while Liz had long been creative and producing vidoes, it was a long time before she felt comfortable getting in front of a camera
  • Mark and Liz's first creative collaboration, doing the "Stuck in This House Here with You" parody of the Steelers Wheel song "Stuck in the Middle with You"
  • The way that we "paint" and fill spaces with things that tell a story or prompt people to see a space differently
  • The decision fatigue that can happen for a reader and how Liz appreciates being able to just keep reading the next book in a series
  • Liz's love of Joanna Penn's J.F. Penn thrillers and Kevin J. Anderson's "Dan Shamble" zombie P.I. novels
  • Some of the creative endeavors Liz is interested in exploring this coming summer

Then Liz turns the tables on Mark and asks him some reflective questions.


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