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Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing

Aug 26, 2022

Mark has a chat with Elizabeth Ann West and Randall Wood.

Elizabeth Ann West is not only the public face of ScribeCount but is also an author whose books have hit the bestseller lists on all major vendors, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Google Play, and Kobo.

Randall Wood is the author of the bestselling Jack Randall thrillers and co-founder of ScribeCount a platform with the desire to be the preeminent author service platform, offering services every author needs.

Prior to the main segment, Mark shares recent comments, a personal update, and a few words about this episode's sponsor.

You can learn more about how you can get your work distributed to retailers and library systems around the world at

During their conversation Mark, Elizabeth and Randall talk about:

  • Elizabeth's new role at Scribecount
  • Why Elizabeth goes to conferences with two notebooks
  • The origin of ScribeCount in the back of a room and on cocktail napkins at NINC (Novelist's Inc) in Florida
  • Randall and Elizabeth's background as writers
  • The decision Randall made related to signing a deal with Tor versus indie publishing
  • Elizabeth's earliest entrepreneur activities which involved killing her mother's rubber tree plant at the age of eight
  • The thrill of landing on writing "Jane Austin fan fiction" style historical romance
  • Why Elizabeth sells her eBooks at $9.99
  • An overview of what ScribeCount is and how it helps authors understand their sales data from numerous sources
  • The complications that come with understanding advertising and marketing expenditures related to sales campaign
  • The difference of earnings in a month (live reporting) versus payments in a month (usually delayed 30 to 90 days)
  • "Get off the spreadsheet, get on the Sunburst!"
  • How ScribeCount is free to use until an author earns more than $999/month
  • Launching Ingram Spark into the platform (which did happen roughly half way through August 2022)
  • The very clear privacy policy that ScribeCount has, preserving data for ONLY each author account - it is never merged with other data
  • The learning library that Elizabeth is working on to help mid-list authors learn how to leverage the data and the tools ScribeCount has
  • Some of the conferences that Elizabeth and Randall will be at over the next little while
  • And more...


After the interview Mark reflects on the author-centric nature of ScribeCount and why that is so important. He also shares his thoughts on Elizabeth's $9.99 price point for her novels.

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