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Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing

Jan 28, 2022

Mark interviews David Boito, a screenwriter and novelist about his new novel VALLEY FLIERS, writing screenplays and scripts, and so much more.

Prior to the main content, Mark shares a personal update, and a word about this episode's sponsor.

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In their conversation, Mark and David talk about:

  • What you call the role of a flyer
  • The similarities with the way that a radio controlled model aircraft has with a full scale aircraft
  • How David first got interested in RC controlled aircraft and the nearby Apollo 11 Flight field
  • e inspiration to write a story based on this intriguing locale
  • Initially beginning to write this novel in screenplay format and then later adapting it into a novel
  • David's other script work, including writing an episode of the last 1980s TV sitcom Head of the Class starring Howard Hesseman
  • How, once you have the screenplay you have a solid outline
  • Making the decision to self publish and where David turned (Reedsy)
  • How spying in the Hitchcock "Rear Window" era is significantly different with spying that can be done via modern drones
  • The difference between flying a drone and flying an aviation model aircraft
  • Advice David would offer to authors thinking of writing a novel or screenplay
  • And more...

After the interview, Mark reflects on the craft skills and IP leverage that can come from creating a screenplay, as well as those manuscripts that stay locked in a drawer.

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David Boito resides with his wife and son in the San Fernando Valley suburb of Los Angeles, near the miniature airfield that inspired Valley Fliers, his debut novel. He is a longtime fan of aviation and always looks to the sky as a plane goes by. David also works as a screenwriter and has authored short stories. He has been published in the UCLA literary journal, Westwind, among others.