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Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing

Aug 13, 2021

Mark interviews Simon Lowe, an author with a number of stories published in various magazines, who, after a decade working in book stores, released his first novel (The World is at War, Again) in June 2021 and now writes part time while also performing the role of a stay at home dad.

Prior to the interview, Mark welcomes new Patrons Talena Winters,
Rachel Amphlett, and Carolyn Stein, reads comments from recent episodes, offers a personal update, and a word from this episode's sponsor.

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In their chat, Mark and Simon discuss:

  • Simon's recent release of the speculative fiction novel The World Is At War, Again and how it's about government declaring newer technology to be too much of a threat to be allowed
  • How the novel is set with the world at war without there being a specific single war such as WWII - as a commentary of the ongoing "state" of war
  • Some of the parallels between the content of this novel and the current pandemic world we're living in
  • How the removal of technology also reduces a person's ability to "fake" who they are, in the same way they can behind the filters of social media
  • Conceiving of a world without technology as one of of being able to focus on how people interact directly with one another
  • The impact of external factors on the way people connect and focus
  • Simon's 10 years of experience as a bookseller and the various formats for paperbacks
  • The difference in UK and North American bookshop genre designations such as "Crime" in the UK which is "Mystery" in North America
  • Mark's experience on what people were looking for when they walked into a bookstore and asked for the "non-fiction books"
  • How, for some people, walking into a bookstore can be an intimidating experience
  • The way Simon's experience as a bookseller informed him as a writer and within the business of publishing
  • Decisions on which books to stock, which are based on understanding the marketplace and what is going to sell within that market
  • The importance of not taking it personally when a bookseller or publisher is not interested in your book
  • How thinking of the book in smaller chunks made the process of writing the novel more manageable
  • And more....

 After the interview, Mark reflects on the concept of breaking your work/writing into smaller, more manageable chunks as one way to conquer the overwhelm of a large project in front of you.


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Simon Lowe is a British author. His stories have appeared in various publications, including AMP, Storgy, Ponder Review, EX/POST, Blackwater Review, and elsewhere. After a decade working in book stores he now writes part time as well as being a stay at home dad. His new novel, The World is At War, Again, was released in June 2021.


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