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Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing

May 18, 2021

In this episode, recorded from a live video chat, Mark interviews James Kademan, owner of Calls On Call, a shared receptionist service, Draw In Customers Business Coaching, and the author of The BOLD Business Book.

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In this live chat, Mark and James talk about:

  • James' background as an entreupreneur, which started in 2006
  • The multiple businesses that James has created, and the numerous mistakes he has made along the way in order to find success
  • The infinite number of ideas that you have compared to the actual implementation
  • How most entrepreneurs, like most authors, can be overly optimistic
  • The implementation of "Whatever Blooms" an automated online flower-ordering business to save people time
  • Riding the "hope train" and the comfort in complacency
  • James' decision to self-publish THE BOLD BUSINESS BOOK
  • Releasing the book in hardcover, paperback, eBook, and Audiobook
  • How James never anticipated that you have to practically "claw your way" to get people to leave reviews for your book
  • The way that people often don't value time
  • The importance of "done" and finishing something
  • How important "inbox zero" is for email management
  • And more...

After the interview, Mark reflects on the value of getting work done and how he is adapting the "Inbox Zero" strategy.

He also shares some info about a free workshop he is doing with James at When Words Collide in August 2021, as well as the full day workshop...

Authoring Boot Camp Basic Training (Full Day Workshop)

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Author Sarah Kades Graham joins as moderator, as well as prototype—hear how the Authoring Boot Camp has changed her career!

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James Kademan has been an entrepreneur since 2006. He owns several businesses, including Calls On Call Extraordinary Answering Service for those ready to outsource, and Draw In Customers Business Coaching where he helps entrepreneurs achieve more time, more money and more fun, while enjoying what they do. James is the author of The BOLD Business Book, A Strategy Guide to Start, Run, and Love Your Soon to Be BOLD Business. He is a Certified Business Coach and Professional Speaker and continues to release blogs, podcasts and videos at his website


The introductory, end, and bumper music for this podcast (“Laser Groove”) was composed and produced by Kevin MacLeod of and is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0